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A Brief History

The Cornerstone Foundation is a Christian charitable organization formed in 1992 in response to a need to facilitate the construction and operation of a hospital-based Christian outreach on the Caribbean coast of Honduras where there had been no accessible medical care within a day’s travel.

Traveling through Central America in 1990 and 1991, Dr. Jeff and Rosanne McKenney became burdened for the spiritual and physical needs of the people in a particular locale–that being the state of Colon on Honduras’s north coast. Ascertaining that there was no Christian organization to meet that need and with a persistent burden for people, they prayerfully decided to form an organization to address the need. Identifying with “the stone which the builders set at naught,” in September 1992 they formed the Cornerstone Foundation to provide this work, and potentially to serve similar work in areas of need in other parts of the world in the future.

For this work, God has brought together a committed Board of Directors, career missionaries, part-time volunteers, supporting churches and individuals. Beginning in 1994, the Lord has also formed a sister organization in Honduras, Asociación Piedra Angular de Honduras, (APAH) — to bear the responsibility of conforming to all Honduran legal requirements.

Hospital Loma de Luz, which had its Grand Opening in January 2003, is a modern, 30,000 square foot, full-service hospital.

In 2004 El Camino, a Christian bilingual school, began as part of the Loma de Luz ministries.

In 2005 Sanctuary House Children’s Center, a Christian foster home, first opened as part of the outreach at Loma de Luz.

Continuing to respond to the regional needs, Loma de Luz has become more than a missions hospital, children’s home, and school. It is a vital and growing integrated outreach built and administered by a diverse community of Christian believers to provide medical care, education and training, foster children’s care, agricultural work, community development and more: a constant, present, on-going hearing of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of the north coast of Honduras.