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Donations and Shipping:

Due to the continuing difficulty and costliness of bringing containers into Honduras if you’d like to donate any items—for the school, the hospital, or the children’s home—please contact the Cornerstone Office ([email protected], phone 228-207-1811MondayFriday 9am-3pm) and provide an itemized list of what you’d like to donate. We will get back to you to confirm whether there is a need, urgency, and space available.  All items must arrive at our office in boxes with a list of the contents affixed to the outside of the box.

Click on a department to see a list of the materials they are in need of.

Click here for the El Camino Amazon Wish List.

We can always use the following items, which can be brought down in suitcases or shipped to our US address.

Sheet protectors
White card stock paper
Expo dry erase (black)
White chalk
Hanging file folders (regular size and legal)
Masking tape
Children’s scissors
Plastic folders with 3 prong fasteners
Paper folders
Post it Notes
Skipping Ropes
Kids Headsets
3D Building Blocks
Magnetic Tiles
Playground Balls
Expo brand expo markers
Scotch blue painters tape
Pre-sharpened pencils
Pink rectangular erasers
Lamination pouches




dress sandals (flats)

athletic sandals

Baby girl long-sleeve onesie, size NB-12mo
Baby girl short-sleeve onesies, size 0-3mo

Boys clothing, 2T-4T
Girls clothing, 2T-4T

Girls bottoms, sizes 2T through 16/18
Boys bottoms, size 2T through 16/18

Girls summer dresses, all sizes (2T through 16/18)

Boys swimsuits, all sizes (2T through 16/18)

Women’s summer clothing, XS and S
Women’s shorts/pants/skirts, sizes 0, 2, 4 and 6

Men’s summer clothing, size XS and S
Men’s shorts and pants, sizes 27, 28, 29 and 30

Kids rain coats (appropriate sizes for elementary aged kids)

School Supplies:
1-3 subject notebooks
black and blue pens
kids scissors
pencil sharpeners
colored pencils
pencil pouches
2-pocket folders
scotch tape
paper (drawing or construction)

craft supplies
blankets and quilts
games (board & card)
Spanish devotional books
Christmas decorations
Christmas crafts (ornaments, sprinkles, etc.)
activity kits
rainy season supplies (umbrellas, rain coats, boots, etc.)

  • gram scale (manual or digital)
  • Q switched ND Yag laser – for tattoo removal
  • cast cutters – at least 2 needed
  • Patient “chair scales” (means of weighing a patient without them having to stand up)
  • I-Stat chemistry analyzer and cartridges for individual tests
  • St. Jude pacer programmer
  • Pediatric bronchoscope with operating heads
  • Medical Oxygen Tank Flow Regulator for large MM size tank (Western Industries M1-540-8FG or similar)
  • Medical Oxygen Tank Flow Regulator for portable size D-E tank (With CGA870 Connection)
  • ear speculums
  • manual BP cuffs with sphygmometers
  • kiwi vacuums for labor and delivery
  • Bakri balloons for hemorrhages resistant to meds (labor and delivery)
  • cervical medical ripening balloons
  • Pudendal nerve block kits or even just the needles
  • 22 gauge needles
  • 5 and 10mL syringes
  • preemie bottle nipples
  • NIMV cannulas for newborns, infants and child, size small
  • nebulizer machines
  • spinal needles, size 22G, 1.5 inch
  • infant and pediatric urinary cath kits
  • preemie and infant NG tubes
  • medical canisters that hold tongue depresses, cotton balls, gauze, etc
  • Cleft palate nipples
  • Fiberglass cast tape (2,”3,”4”,5”)
  • 3″, 4”, 6″ and 24″ ace wraps and coban (self adhesive ace wraps)
  • Rolled gauze
  • 2×2 and 4×4 sterile gauze
  • IV tubing, 10 drops/mL, with injection ports
  • IV extensions, 7 in. standard bore
  • IV extension tubing, standard bore, ~42 in. with injection ports
  • IV start kits
  • IV catheters size 22
  • Neonatal non-rebreather masks
  • Meconium aspirators
  • Disposable panties for post-partum women
  • Disposable Chux pads
  • Disposable shoe covers for operating room
  • atrium oasis dry suction chest drainage system
  • Kerlix rolled gauze
  • blue and green surgical towels
  • twin-sized white fitted sheets
  • bath towels (thin material for quick drying)
  • hand towels
  • wash cloths
  • baby clothes (0-6 months)
  • baby toys
  • baby hats
  • bibs
  • burp cloths
  • receiving blankets/swaddle wraps
  • Blue (or Green) OR Surgical towels
  • Suction tubing and Yankauer suction
  • Suction canisters
  • Chuck Pads


  • closed suction drains ( like Jackson Pratt or Blake drains, 10 mm & 15 mm ( more 15 mm)
  • the vacuum bulb / drain pump that goes with these vacuum drains.
  • 3-0 Vicryl on SH
  • 2-0 Vicryl on CT1
  • 0 Vicryl on CT1
  • 0 & # 1 prolene on large taper needle
  • common skin closures like 3-0 & 4-0 Vicryl on FS2, 3-0 &4-0 Prolene and nylon on FS1 & FS2
  • Ethibond 3-0 on SH
  • Ethibond 0 on UR5
  • Ethibond 2-0 & 3-0 on rb1
  • laparotomy sponges
  • Endoclips 11ml 10mm
  • Skin staple guns
  • Suction evacuator bulbs 100cc
  • Xeroform dressings
  • Zimmer skin graft carrier 1:1.5, 1:3, or blades
  • Electrocautery pens and cables (Valley Lab REM PolyHensive II)
  • Batteries for Stryker drills (4212 battery pack 9.6V & 2115 battery pack)
  • Metzenbaum scissors: small and medium
  • Fine surgical instrument set
  • Microvascular surgical instrument set
  • Ventriculo-peritoneal shunts (low and medium pressure)
  • Benzalkonium chloride cleansing wipes for urinalysis collection
  • EKG electrodes brand: Nikomed Nikotabs
  •  QBC Accutubes from QBC Diagnostics #423406
  •  Hepatitis C testing kits
  •  red and purple top blood collection tubes (adult and peds)
  • 23 and 25 Gauge butterfly needles for blood draws
  • sharps boxes for dirty needles
  •  2×2 gauze (non sterile)
  •  Urine collection cups
  •  Urine collection bags for babies
  •  Stool collection cups
  •  Microscope slides
  •  22x22mm cover-slips for microscope slides
  •  Sterile cotton swabs
  •  Heel stick lancets for babies
  •  Lancets
  •  Plastic disposable pipettes
  •  Pregnancy tests
  •  Alcohol lamp burner, wickless
  •  Alcohol preps
  •  Anaerobic and aerobic culture swabs
  •  Relion Prime Glucometers (Walmart)
  •  Relion Prime Glucose strips (Walmart)
  •  Lab timers
  •  INR test strips (Roche CoaguChek XS, 2×24 per box, #04625315160,NDC 65702-0128-10))
  • IV calcium channel blockers (verapamil, diltiazem)
  • IV antihypertensives (hydralazine, metoprolol, labetalol etc)
  • Vancomycin
  • Zosyn
  • Any medications for anesthesia (propofol, fentanyl, succinylcholine, vecuronium, ephedrine, midazolam, ketamine, spinal bupivacaine, OR gasses)
  • Levetiracetam (Keppra)
  • Any –sartans (losartan, telmisartan, candesartan, etc.)
  • Any –statins (simvastatin, rosuvastatin, lovastatin, atorvastatin, etc)
  • Amoxicillin clavulanic acid 857/125
  • Ondansetron (IV or tab)
  • Acetaminophen 500mg tab
  • Cetirizine 10 mg tab
  • Diphenhydramine 25mg tab
  • Docusate sodium 100mg cap
  • Ferrous gluconate 324mg tab
  • Ferrous sulfate 325mg tab (may also be called Iron 65 mg)
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Ibuprofen 200mg tab
  • Loratadine 10mg tab
  • Miralax powder
  • Naproxen 220mg tab
  • Nystatin/miconazole/clotrimazole cream
  • Omeprazole 20mg cap
  • Sennosides 8.6mg tab
  • Tums/antacids
  • Bacitracin
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Asprin 81mg
  • Children’s and adult multivitamins
  • Cold medicines (combo anti-histamine/decongestant, antihistamine/decongestant/dextromethorphan, dextromethorphan, guafenisin)
  • Cough drops
  • Strong, heavy duty office chairs
  • Mechanic toolbox chests for crash carts
  • Hands-free/foot controls for sink at nurses’ station
  • Wall mounted racks for latex glove boxes
  • Scissors (trauma or regular)
  • Yaesu Ft-250r hand held 2m Ham radio
  • Windows 7 laptops for hospital use
  • LED light bulbs 60 watt equivalent
  • Concrete screws Tapcon or equal
  • Hex head: 3/16 x 1 1/4, 3/16 x 2 1/4, 1/4 x 1 1/4, 1/4 x 2 1/4, 1/4 x 4
  • Screwdrivers standard and Philips
  • Screwdriver tips Philips #2
  • Magnetic tip holders
  • Magnetic hex screw holders 5/16, 3/8
  • Claw hammers with straight claws
  • Bars to pull nails
  • Saber saw blades wood
  • SawZall blades wood and metal
  • Portaband blades 44 7/8” x 1/2″
  • Drill bit sets 1/16” – 1/2”
  • Socket sets in a case 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”
  • 3/4 inch Pneumatic impact gun for truck tires long shank
  • Pipe scaffolding
  • 6 ton long neck floor jack
  • Small metal lathe
  • End mill
  • Rebar cutter and bender
  • Concrete nails ramset or equal
  • Ramset (or equal) ammo all sizes
  • Small – medium size sledge hammers
  • Full set of combination wrenches Metric and Standard
  • Vice grips – different sizes
  • Metal shears
  • Ear plugs
  • Goggles
  • Adjustable Basin Wrench
  • Snap ring plier set
  • Good (Stanley Fatmax) Tape measures
  • Wood chisel set
  • Levels 6″ to 4′
  • Wire strippers
  • Tap set