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Board of Directors

Jeff & Rosanne Mckenney

Jeff and Rosanne founded the Cornerstone Foundation in 1992.

Jeff, President of Cornerstone Foundation, is a surgeon who felt a clear call to medical missions as a teenager. He served as a surgeon in the US Navy for 9 years and practiced general vascular & thoracic surgery on the Gulf Coast of MS before moving to Honduras full time in 2000.

Rosanne, who grew up as an MK in Italy, is a surgical and obstetric nurse, and directs the El Camino Bilingual School (founded 2003). They and their three children–Nate (12/4/91), Gabe (7/7/93) and Hannah (11/19/97) call Honduras home. 

Bruce & Jill Coble

Bruce and Jill live in Ponte Vedra, Florida, where they moved from Murfreesboro, TN, in 2021.

Bruce has been a minister of the Gospel since 1978 when he became Assistant Pastor at The Lord’s Chapel in Brentwood, TN. They moved to Harare, Zimbabwe, in 1984, where he was a teacher and the director of Africa Multinations for Christ Bible School. Upon returning to the States, Bruce became a Missions Pastor in Smyrna, TN, remaining until his retirement in 2017.

Jill retired in 2011 after teaching 7th-grade Social Studies and English Language Learners (ELL) for 20 years.

The Cobles have two adult children and five grandchildren.

Wade & Ruth Bishop

Wade and Ruth Bishop have been associated with the Cornerstone Foundation since the very early days of the ministry. They began going to Loma de Luz in 1991 with Construction Teams to lay foundation and support the Construction efforts for the Hospital building. Wade, as a dentist, helped with the design and support of the dental office space, which has also been used as an Eye Clinic. Ruth, as a nurse, has helped with medical teams and with some administrative functions such as policies and personnel. They became members of the Board in 1993. Wade serves as Treasurer for the foundation, and Ruth helps with Missionary Personnel. 

Jerry Caffey

Jerry Caffey, founder and president of Caffey, Inc., has served as a construction coordinator and Board Member for The Cornerstone Foundation at Hospital Loma de Luz hospital in Balfate, Honduras since 1997. He also serves as a board member for Bethany Kids, a disabled children’s hospital in Kijabe, Africa. He has worked with Overtoun House in Scotland (since 2001) in its design and development as a home for unwed mothers, as well as a 5 year involvement with Casa Alleluia, an orphanage in St. Bartlome, Guatemala (1996 thru 2001). Jerry, his wife, Anna Lisa, and their four children live in Mississippi.

Linda K.

Linda Kuykendall

Linda and her husband, Jerry, became members of the Cornerstone Board of Directors in 2004. They moved to Honduras to serve as full time missionaries at Loma de Luz from 2017 to 2019. Jerry went home to be with the Lord in 2021. Linda is a retired Special Education teacher and a part-time aquatics instructor. She lives in Southern Illinois, serves as Coordinator for Conferences for the Foundation and is active in ministry in her church.    

joe and sally

Joe & Sally Mahoney

Sally and Joe Mahoney have been connected with the Cornerstone Foundation since its early days. Both have served as short term volunteers, and Sally has assisted Cornerstone in the area of communications. Joe and Sally are both educators, and both have been involved in nursing home ministry for many years and in local church ministry. They also have experience in children’s ministry, music ministry, and custodial ministry. They have 3 grown children and live in western Kentucky.

Rick and Jill

Rick & Jill Reichert

Rick and Jill began providing Ophthalmology services at Hospital Loma de Luz in 2015 after retiring from
private practice in Florida. In 2019, they joined the Cornerstone Board of Directors. Today, they continue
to serve the Lord by providing medical and surgical care in Honduras several times each year.

In addition to his medical degree, Rick earned an MBA, a Masters in Biblical Studies, Masters in Divinity,
Masters in Theology, and a PhD in Christian Ethics from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has
served as a pastor for a local church and taught courses at Liberty University, Baptist College of Florida,
and the Montana Bible College.

Jill is a retired CPA with experience in public and private corporate accounting but now works beside
Rick in the eye clinic and operating room at Loma de Luz. Her greatest joy was in raising their four
beautiful Christian daughters.

Jill and Rick live in rural north Florida and frequently travel up the east coast to visit the four girls, their
wonderful husbands, three granddaughters and finally, a newborn grandson.    

wally and tomara

Wally & Tomara Brown

Wally and Tomara Brown were introduced to Loma de Luz in 2012 while on a short term mission trip. Since that time, they have participated in and/or led nearly 10 mission trips to Loma de Luz. They continue to be advocates of the hospital, children’s center and the bi-lingual school. 

Wally and Tomara reside in Louisville, Kentucky and have two children. Wally is by trade a CPA and currently serves as Chief Accounting Officer for Schulte Hospitality Group. Tomara has served in the local church for 25+ years and currently serves as the Lead Executive Pastor for Northeast Christian Church. They both hold Master’s Degrees from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

steve and andrea

Steve & Andrea Hryszczuk

Steve & Andrea Hryszczuk have been supporters of the Cornerstone Foundation since 2001. The Hryszczuk family has made numerous short-term serving trips to Honduras throughout the years, in addition to living there with their family in 2015. Steve is an anesthesiologist, and Andrea is a teacher. They have four mostly-grown children, and live in Belvidere, Illinois.