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Standard of Conduct & Photography Release

Photography Policy at Loma de Luz

At Loma de Luz, we strive to care for and educate our patients, foster children, and students in the name of Christ. In this, we strive to always consider our patients’, foster children, and students’ rights to be treated as we would want ourselves or our family members to be treated. They, too, are made in God’s image. When taking photos of patients while serving here, we ask you to use great discretion. Put yourself in the patients’ situation and ask, “Would I be blessed if someone shared this photograph of me with others?”

To do our best to ensure the integrity and safety of our community while still demonstrating that missions is about people, the Cornerstone Foundation/APAH/Loma de Luz maintains the following policy on taking and using digital media/photos/video. This policy applies at any of the Cornerstone Foundation/APAH/ Loma de ministries, including community engagement/outreaches.

Consent – No photos should be taken without the consent of the subject to be photographed. When the subject is a child, the permission of the parent/guardian must be obtained.
Appropriateness of Images – Aside from photos taken for medical purposes and consultations, any photos taken must be of individuals who are fully clothed. Photos taken for medical consultation may ONLY be taken by the physician caring for the patient and only of the wound/lesion/etc in question. Photographs or videos of births/deliveries, surgeries, or medical procedures are permitted ONLY with the appropriate consent (see above) AND with the permission of the Department Head ( e.g. Operating Theater, OB, Foster children’s Home, School, etc.).
Use of images – Images taken should be used primarily for personal recollection. Images that are taken to be uploaded to social media sites or other Internet-accessible sites (personal blogs, youtube, public photo forums, open Facebook accounts, etc.), may only be done so in accordance with the stipulations, and appropriateness sections (above) AND with the approval of. Captions associated with such photos must not contain any identifying information or sarcastic/offensive humor.
Identification – No identifying information should accompany any photographs (names, ages, etc).
Removal of photographs – The Cornerstone Foundation may ask you to remove any photographs or videos from public forums at its discretion.

Standard of Conduct
*A copy of the standard of conduct must be completed by each short term volunteer and submitted to The Cornerstone Foundation prior to departure from the US.

These standards are based on scripture where it is clear. Where it is not clear, it is based on human attempt to apply scriptural principles considering what others might see as an appearance of evil, or what might hinder our weaker brother. We ask that these principles be followed by anyone who represents The Cornerstone or participates in a short-term mission project with The Cornerstone. We ask that these standards be applied, not only on The Cornerstone premises, but also everywhere else in the country of Honduras (because while in Honduras, regardless of where voluntee
rs are, they are likely to be identified with Cornerstone/APAH/Hospital Loma de Luz), as well as any place in the United States when one is
representing or being identified with The Cornerstone Foundation.

1. No unmarried individuals of the opposite sex will co-habit in their lodging, nor be involved in sexual relations. They shall abstain from excessive display of affection, or behavior that would be interpreted as anything less than a Godly relationship.

2. We ask that all personnel, male and female, use modest apparel.

3. The use of alcohol is prohibited at Loma de Luz or while representing the work of The Cornerstone Foundation.

5. The use of illegal drugs is prohibited.

6. Honduran law is to be obeyed under all circumstances.

7. Christian conduct is expected of all associated with The Cornerstone Foundation, it’s mission and works, in order to provide an effective witness to His love and grace.