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Volunteer Application Process

Application Process for Teams and Volunteers

Loma de Luz welcomes individuals, couples, families and teams to partner with it in its ongoing ministries, which are outlined on the various pages of this Cornerstone website.

Short-term visitors to Loma de Luz (both individuals and teams) can be a great help to the ongoing work. We recognize that a great deal of time, energy and financial commitment, both on behalf of the short-term volunteers and that of the long-term missionaries at Loma de Luz, goes into planning these trips.  As such, we strive to do all we can to ensure that this investment is wisely used to further God’s kingdom and work.
When considering the utilization of short-term volunteers, there are 3 tenets we seek to uphold. These are:
1) Short-term volunteers should contribute to the ongoing work at Loma de Luz. When volunteers come, they must fit into an ongoing ministry of Loma de Luz that has space for additional volunteers. Rather than create jobs or look for a project for short-term volunteers, we look to our existing ministries and ask how short-term volunteers can best be used to work alongside us in our endeavors. Depending on the place of service, this might limit the number of volunteers or the ages of the volunteers that can be utilized.
2) Short-term volunteers should be involved in relationship building with long-term missionaries and local community members. The more volunteers at any given time, the less likely this is to happen. As such, we do limit the amount of volunteers at Loma de Luz at any given time. Sometimes, we may need to ask you to change the dates you are considering. For this reason, we ask that you note if you have flexibility in your availability on the application.
3) Short-term volunteers should return home as ambassadors of the work of the Lord at Loma de Luz. We welcome you to share your experiences at Loma de Luz with your local church, small group, etc.  Stay up to date by receiving the Cornerstone newsletter (paper or electronic formats available – sign up here) and stay in touch with the missionaries you come to know during your visit.

The application process for short-term volunteers is as follows:

1) Fill out the Volunteer Application. If you are coming alone, we need an application just for you. If you are coming as a pair, we need an application for each adult. If you are coming as a family, please fill out one application for each adult. For children traveling with you, please note them on your application in the appropriate field. If you are coming as a team (3 or more unrelated people traveling together), please see the section on teams below.
2) Wait to hear from the volunteer coordinator. This usually will be between 5-7 days from the date the application is submitted.
3) The volunteer coordinator will help assess areas of need where you might best be of service. We do not accept any volunteers until we know of the area where they will be serving. As such, do NOT purchase any tickets for travel or proceed with plans to come to Loma de Luz with the expectation that you will “find a place” to serve (tenet #1). Wait to hear from the volunteer coordinator, who, if your application is accepted, will then assist you with any questions you have as you look at travel options.
4) The volunteer coordinator will help you plan the logistics of your trip and notify you of additional paperwork that is needed for your trip.
Please note that your passport must be valid for AT LEAST 6 months after your travels to Honduras, as well as having a blank page for immigration to place the entry stamp. You can be denied entrance into Honduras if these requirements are not met. Before purchasing any tickets, please ensure that your travel documents are in accordance with these rules.


  • Those interested in leading a team to Loma de Luz are asked to submit the Volunteer Application. This form only needs to be completed by the team leader. We do NOT require an application for each team participant.
  • The volunteer coordinator will work with the department heads to identify a project for your team.
  • Please do NOT solidify a team until you hear back from the volunteer coordinator as to the nature of your team. Those on the team must be able to do the work that is needed to complete the identified project.
  • Teams should be a maximum of 10 people.
  • For more information on Loma de Luz’s utilization of short-term teams, please see our Short-term Team Policy

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Please Note:

Any volunteer who has not completed the above-mentioned process will not be able to participate in any Loma de Luz associated ministries.